A phobia is an irrational fear that can disrupt your life.  The subconscious is all about our survival and assists the fight or flight response which in ancient days we needed either to fight our enemy or run away from danger. When faced with the perceived threat that may appear irrational the subconcious sets in motion the fight or flight response so that you may get palpitations , sweaty palms , fast or difficult breathing or a severe terror so that everything spirals out of control.

When we are born we have only two instinctive fears : falling and loud noise. All others are a learned response from others , copying the reactions and displays of fears of parents / role models or a frightening experience during childhood. These stay in the subconscious and rise up to the conscious level when confronted with childhood fears and so the fight or flight response sets in.

Hypnotherapy can reframe your mind to conquer these fears and make the changes needed to understand and deal rationally with the origin of the fear.

A one hour session is £50 and a total of between 4 and 6 sessions is recommended.

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