Hypnotherapy has been proven successful at reducing or even eliminating I.B.S symptoms.

There have been over 15 years of solid scientific research that has demonstrated hypnosis to be effective and safe.

Since conventional therapy offers a lifetime prescription of anti-spasmodic drugs with a limited effectiveness it is worthwhile to seek out the benefits that hypnotherapy can offer.

For I.B.S. , hypnotherapy has the ability to reduce the effects of stress , tension , anxiety and depression that comes from living with this incurable illness which can actually undermine your immune system and further compromise your health. One of the greatest benefits is the well established ability to reduce the effects of stress on your system.

Because I.B.S. is a syndrome and not a disease , it is uniquely suited to hypnotherapy treatment. If you can relieve and prevent the symptoms , you will have effectively cured yourself of the disorder. There is solid evidence that hypnotherapy can provide lasting health benefits for many patients. Although there is still some uncertainty about precisely how and why the treatment works, most researchers believe that hypnotherapy acts on the unconscious and affects the body’s regulation of involuntary reactions that are normally beyond a person’s control. Hypnosis puts these automatic responses under the patient’s power. A course of hypnotherapy will also teach you self-hypnosis techniques to continue to control and eliminate I.B.S. symptoms yourself.

A one hour session is £50 and a total of between 4 and 6 sessions is recommended.

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