Have you decided it’s time for you to become a non-smoker?

Have you tried many times to give up smoking using will power alone and failed?

Are you fed up with feeling controlled by the desire to smoke and the ill-health it is causing you?

You were not born smoking and it took a while for the habit to form but you can also lose the habit with the help of hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy can change the way you think about smoking and give you the sense of freedom and achievement in controlling this area of your life.It will help you lose the craving and give you the mindset of a non-smoker. The physical addiction is quickly controlled but the desire in the mind of the daily habit and “treat” of smoking is something that hypnotherapy has been very successful in treating.

The one thing all ex-smokers say when they become non-smokers is the sense of relief on losing all thought of desiring a cigarette.

A quit-smoking session is a one-off 2 hour session and the charge is £100 in cash at the start of the session.

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