Anxiety or stress is primarily fear. It can be fear of the unknown or of how you view the future.

These feelings can  affect you in a physical way , causing you stomach problems such as digestive troubles , constipation and ulcers.

Anxiety can cause poor concentration , insomnia , migraines and depression. Anxiety is a conflict of interests within your mind where consciously you want to do something but your subconsciousness “believes” that you should or should not do it.

Hypnotherapy can teach you to identify your personal stresses and help you control these feelings of spiraling out of control.

Hypnosis can help promote new reactions to situations you may have tried to avoid and give you the confidence to strike a balance between a life of structure and commitment and a life of spontaneity and contentment.

A one hour session is £50 and normally a total of between 4 and 6 sessions is recommended. However , for long-term , persistent anxiety I would recommend 6 to 8 sessions.

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